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Learn about how Orbsen approaches assignments Learn about the profile of Orbsen's Consultant's Learn about the Orbsen Knowledge Letter Find out contact information, phone, electronic mail and postal address. Learn about alliance relationships Orbsen has with other service organizations. Learn about Orbsen presence at various events Find all the latest news at Orbsen Find out about Orbsens Service Offerings Return to the Orbsen Consulting Home Page Find out about Operations Management Approches that make tomorrow better than today Learn about the application of Overall Equipment Effectiveness techniques to Operations, with particular emphasis on secondary medicinals. Find out about short cycle operations management approaches Find out about Capacity Management approaches for the 1-12 month time horizon. Old Lamps for new, the application of Line of balance techniques within an ERP context. Using conversion cost driver analysis to set the agenda for improvement in operations Scheduling the Laboratory and Managing the Capacity of the Quality function. Support Options in Facility Startup Review Orbsen's Service Offerings in the area of Operations Management Learn how Orbsen can help in ERP deployment Have a knowledge revolution with EIS and Data Warehousing Find out how Orbsen can help in the development of Information Technology Strategy Review Orbsens Capability in the area of Information Systems Learn about how Orbsen approches a la Carte assignments Learn about Orbsens Capability in the Pharmaceutical Sector Learn about Orbsens Capability in the Medical Device and Healthcare Sector Learn about Orbsen's Capability in the Technology Sector Learn about Orbsen's capability in the Food Sector Learn about how Orbsen new service offerings Review Orbsens Service Offerings in the area of Supply Chain Management Learn about Sales and Operations Planning in the 1/12 month time horizon Learn about the Orbsen Inventory Reduction Programme Learn how Orbsen can develop Architectures for Global Planning Learn About Planning Architectures at a single site Learn how to live healthily with ERP systems. Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Strategies Learn how Orbsen can help with Demand Management Learn about Customer Service Failures and how they can set the agenda for supply chain improvement. Find out how Supply Agreements and SLA's can add value to the business. Learn about rapid assessment Supply Chain Management Processes at a site Learn about Orbsens Offering in the area of Site Freight Cost Reduction. Sales and Operations Planning approaches for the 1-5 year time horizon Learn about Capacity Management Architectures for the 1-5 year time horizon Making the annual Budgetting Process a strategic journey Managing SKU portfolios, and dealing with the associated complexity KPI's, scorecards and measurement approaches that drive behaviour New Product Introduction and Product Transfer Learn about Orbsen's offering in the area of Benchmarking Using Critical Success Factors in a dynamic and strategic way Review Orbsens Service Offerings in the area of Strategy Development Learn about Orbsen's offering in the area of Site Strategy Development Learn about Organizational Design and Development Learn about Programme Management support for BioTechnology Investment Moving up the value chain in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Learn about the meanings of Orbsen Envisioning excellence in Medical Devices Learn about the Orbsen's educational workshop in the area of inventory reduction Declaration en Francais An sceal as gaeilge Interactive site map of Conversion Cost Benchmarking Learn about the Illustrative Assignments Privacy and Intellectual Property Statements Other Publications of Dr John Harhen Learn about Orbsens Offering in the area of Regional Distribution Strategy




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