Other Publications of Dr John Harhen

“Maximizing the Benefit of Enterprise Resource Planning through Advanced Executive Information Systems” , J. Harhen, Short paper presented to the Court of Experts on Supply Chain Management, Dublin Institute of Technology, 2001

“Production Management Systems : an Integrated perspective”, J. Browne, J. Harhen and J. Shivnan, Addison Wesley, First Edition 1988, 2nd Edition 1996.

French language edition 1994, 309 pages appeared as “Les systèmes de Production dans un environnment CIM”, ANFOR, 1994.


“The state of the Art of MRP/MRP II”, J. Harhen in “Computer Aided Production Management” (ed. A. Rolstadas), Springer Verlag 1988.

Knowledge-based Advanced Resource Management Architecture : (KARMA) Managing Enterprise Strategy : Paper/presentation presented to IPICS Conference Dublin 1993 and also to Manufacturing Technology in Germany and Ireland AMT sponsored conference, Galway 1993.

“Prospects for AI in PMS”, J. Harhen presented at the international working conference of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) on “Knowledge Based Production Management Systems” Galway , Ireland , August 1988 and published by North Holland (1988).

“Using Multiple-Perspectives in Manufacturing Macro-planning”, J. Harhen, P. Cohen, R. Graves and M. Ketcham, 3rd CIM Europe Conference, Manchester, England, May 1987.

“Artifical Intelligence and Simulation”, J. Harhen, M. Ketcham and J. Browne, IFIP World Congress '86, Dublin , Ireland , September 1986.

“Expert systems and user decisions in simulation studies”, M. Ketcham and J. Harhen, presented at the society for computer simulation multi-conference, San Diego, California, USA, January 1986.

“Production Activity Control – An essential Node in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems”, J. Harhen and Dr. J. Browne, presented at the international working conference of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) on Strategies for Design and Analysis of Computer Supported Production Management Systems (PMS), Vienna , September 1983, and published by North Holland (1984).

“Flexible Manufacturing Systems in Electronics Assembly”, E. Sweeney, P. Redmond, J. Harhen and M. Wilson, presented at the 3 rd International Conference on Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Stuttgart, West Germany, September 1984.

“Production Activity Control and the new way of Life”, J. Harhen, Dr. J. Browne and Professor M.E.J. O'Kelly, Production and Inventory Management, the Journal of the American Production and Inventory Control Society, Fourth Quarter 1983.

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