Illustrative Assignments

A US medical Device Manufacturer which is a leader in its technology area and is a global supplier to the Medical Devices Market. Orbsen helped in a multi-stage engagement in the following areas.

Prior to Orbsen's engagement, the client company thought its demand was unknowable. Today, the client now knows its demand is fully predictable and therefore manageable. Every week the Managing Director, Production, Materials and Finance use the tools, approaches and capabilities developed by Orbsen Consulting to better manage its business. The Corporate CEO is regularly appraised of significant findings. ...back to top of page >

A European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer , which is a leader in its therapeutic areas. Orbsen helped by assessing the ERP strategy that the client was pursuing. The issue related to whether a Tier 2 ERP system was appropriate for a mid-sized site or whether a Tier 1 ERP application exploiting the Corporation's global architecture was better. Core to the issue was whether the Tier 2 system was validatable to Pharmaceutical Standards, as well as the issues of business value and platform cost. The client rated the value of the engagement as excellent....back to top of page >

A US Pharmaceutical Company has multiple operations in both Western Europe and the accession states of Eastern Europe. Orbsen has characterized the capabilities, capacities and conversion costs across the multiple sites as well as comparative costs of goods of 3rd party sourced product. The characterization of conversion costs in the product portfolio was put into an appropriate volume context, and compared with Orbsen's benchmarks of pharmaceutical conversion costs. Cost's were also compared with the target margin by product family. The Client can now see its business with absolute clarity, and the european management team can make informed decisions about portfolio rationalization, supply chain network design, and product development strategy. ...back to top of page >

A European Consumer Goods Company needed help with its European Distribution strategy for both internal and 3rd Party Manufactured Product. This short assignment involved guidance on the issues to be considered in developing it's european distribution strategy. It involved consideration of which activities should be insourced and which should be outsourced. The scope related not merely to distribution activities but also to finishing operations. The client rated the engagement as very beneficial in expanding their awareness of the factors to be considered in distribution system design. ...back to top of page >

A US Pharmaceutical Company needed help with its European Distribution strategy for both internal and 3rd Party Manufactured Product. The company wanted to know whether insourced or outsourced distribution models made better business sense, and how this varied by geography and business. This involved both storage, pre-wholesaler distribution, wholesaler and direct distribution. Orbsen mapped the distribution chain and characterized the distribution costs across the geographies. In doing so it made transparent the issues involved, and thus faciliated informed decision making about distribution strategy. ...back to top of page >

When a national Medical Device Manufacturing Association was examining its future 10 year strategy in the area of supply chain management, Orbsen helped by facilitating the discussions between the many companies in the area, identifying priorities for areas of focus and future learning and preparing a sectoral supply chain strategy. The findings were very positively received, endorsed and published to member companies within the industry body. ...back to top of page >

A US Pharmaceutical Company needed help with the development of Sales and Operations Planning in its European Business's. The design issues related to what conversations are value adding to have between supply chain and commercial, how to appropriately deal with strategic issues of where the business is going, as well as operational issues, and how to choreograph participation by geography, site and business. ...back to top of page >

When a European Pharmaceutical Company wanted help in inventory reduction at a UK site, Orbsen helped in rapidly identifying realizable opportunities for significant inventory reduction. The client fully validated the findings. This engagement was through an Orbsen channel partner. ...back to top of page >


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